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Exosome and Biomarker Measurement

SCAS provides accurate high-quality biomarker measurement for both non-clinical and clinical studies based on our extensive experience for measuring drug concentrations in biological samples.We can provide several services* about liquid biopsy (such as exosome-related analysis).

* For research only. Not for diagnosis.


We provide accurate high-quality measurements for disease, efficacy and toxicity biomarkers among others according to our customer's requirements.
Biomarker measurements can also be conducted under various regulations (GLP, Japanese regulation for approval application, international regulations).
Please inquire for details regarding customization of test conditions.

Target substances


SCAS supports your exosome study by purification, isolation, quality analysis and biomarker analysis in exosome, etc.

Xenobiotic metabolites
Multicomponent simultaneous determination of steroid hormones in plasma using LC-MS/MS
Comprehensive analysis of xenobiotic metabolites using GC-MS methods (using Agilent Fiehn library) Can also establish measurement methods for LC-MS/MS.
Genome biomarkers Analysis of mRNA Expression by Fluorescent Labeled Microbead Assay using Bioplex 200
Expression on Analysis of PlasmaMicroRNA in Rat by Real-time PCR
Peptide/protein biomarkers Quantitative Determination of Urinary Kidney Biomarker in Rat by immunoassay
Quantitative Determination of Biomarkers in Biological Fluids by Customized Beads Assay and ECL Method
Analysis of mRNA Expression by Fluorescent Labeled Microbead Assay using Bioplex 200

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