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Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd. (SCAS) could almost be regarded as a think tank comprising specialists in analytical technology. As Japan’s largest integrated analytical company, we comprehensively respond to our customers’ needs and provide a variety of solutions.
Formerly the Analysis Division of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., we became an independent entity in July 1972. Since then, our activities have received high acclaim in a broad range of industrial and research fields.
We are also closely involved with environmental issues, and carry out extensive operations that range from analysis to assessment. It goes without saying that we keep our customers’ information strictly confidential. Based on business concepts such as innovative and scientific approaches, guaranteed data integrity, and customer satisfaction, we fully leverage our exceptional flexibility and mobility.

Established July 1, 1972
Capital 250 million yen
Shareholder Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. (100%)
No. of Employees 1,112(Mar.2023)
Sales 17,953 million yen (Fiscal year 2022)


Jul.1972 Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd. was established with capital of 2million yen.
Jul.1974 Oita Branch was set up.
Oct.1974 Niihama Branch was set up.
Jul.1976 Chiba Office was set up.
Sep.1986 Capital increased to 100million yen.
Apr.1989 Tsukuba Office was set up.
Feb.1993 Name of Office changed to "Laboratory".
Jul.1993 Tokyo Office was set up.
Oct.1993 Capital increased to 200million yen.
Feb.1995 Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory was set up.
Jul.1997 Capital increased to 250million yen.
Nov.1997 SCAS SINGAPORE PTE LTD was established (100% SCAS ownership).
Jul.2000 Bioscience Research Center was instituted.
Jul.2004 Pharmaceutical Business Division was established.
Apr.2005 Nagoya Office was set up.
Nov.2005 Environmental Solution Co., Ltd. was established (100% SCAS ownership).
May.2007 Sumika Analysis & Evaluation Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established (100% SCAS ownership).
Oct.2007 SCAS Europe S.A./N.V. was established (100% SCAS ownership).
Jun.2008 Environmental Evaluation Division, Electronics Division, Division for Chemicals, Automobiles, Machinery and other industries, Chemicals Compliance Division, Pharmaceutical Divisions and Technology Innovation Center were established.
Jul.2009 Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory was reorganized into Pharmaceutical Analysis Osaka Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Analysis Oita Laboratory.
May.2011 SCAS-BTT Bioanalysis Co., Ltd. was established.
Jul.2011 Hiroshima Branch was set up.
Oct.2012 SCAS Korea, Ltd. was established.
Mar.2013 SCAS Taiwan, Ltd. was established.
Apr.2014 Utsunomiya Branch was set up.
Jul.2014 Pharmaceutical Analysis Yodogawa Laboratory was set up.
Jun.2015 Due to reorganization, 3 headquarters system (Technology & Innovation Headquarters, Client Service Headquarters and Technical Solution Headquarters) were established.
Apr.2018 Five divisions (Environmental Evaluation; Electronics; Pharmaceutical; Chemicals, Automobiles, Machinery and Medical Devices; and Chemical Compliance) were reorganized into three divisions (Pharmaceutical; Materials; and Environment, Health & Safety).
Technology & Innovation Headquarters was renamed Corporate Management Headquarters.
Oct.2018 Shonan Branch, Tokyo Sales Office was set up.
Oct.2020 Dissolution of SCAS-BTT Bioanalysis Co., Ltd.
Aug.2021 Integrate Yodogawa Laboratory into Osaka and Oita Laboratories.
Apr.& Jul.2022 Three Business Divisions,five Laboratories and five Sales Offices were reorganized into three Business Sectors (Pharmaceutical; Materials; and Environment, Health & Safety).
Hiroshima Sales Branche was consolidated into Ehime Sales Office and Fukuoka Sales Office.
Jul.2023 Integrate Tsukuba Laboratory into Chiba Laboratory. Some functions remain as Tsukuba Satellite Lab.
Oct.2023 Merger to absorb wholly-owned subsidiary, chromocenter Inc.
Nov.2023 Tsukuba Satellite Lab. was set up within AIST.
Apr.2024 Nakanoshima Branch was set up.