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Business Divisions and Offices

Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd. comprises 4 laboratories, sales Offices and head offices. These are located in the following 10 regions: Tsukuba, Chiba, Utsunomiya, Tokyo, Fujisawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Ehime, Oita and Fukuoka. This organization reflects our goal of providing analytical technological assistance in the regional communities where it is needed, and of offering analytical technological assistance matched to each industrial sector. We are striving to become an organization that provides even more rapid and higher-quality services.

Head Office (Osaka) Oita Sales Office, Oita Laboratory Fukuoka sales Office Ehime Sales Office, Ehime Laboratory Utsunomiya Sales Office Tsukuba Satellite Lab Chiba Laboratory Head Office (Tokyo) Nagoya Sales Office Osaka Laboratory Shonan Branch Nakanoshima Branch

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Group Company (Domestic)

Sumika Chemical Analysis Services, Lts. has established overseas business bases in Singapore, China (Shanghai), Belgium, South Korea and Taiwan. Currently, laboratories in Singapore, China (Shanghai) and Taiwan provide contracted analysis services. We have received numerous service requests and high acclaim not only from Japanese companies but also from a lot of overseas companies. And also, our staffs for application of chemicals in Belgium, China (Shanghai) and South Kores provide services of applications for registrations

Group Companies (Overseas)