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President Message

Using our highly advanced analytical and evaluation technologies, we provide optimal solutions to various problems that occur in a range of industrial sectors.

Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd. (SCAS) was established in 1972, at the site of Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Osaka Works, as a contractor for general chemical analysis, including environmental analysis.
Since then, we have expanded our business in response to the changing times and have grown into a company that meets customers’ requests in a wide range of industrial fields through reliable analytical and evaluation technologies.

Our corporate slogan is "Analysis is at the core of all developments made by modern civilization. Utilizing our state-of-the-art analytical technology, we contribute to the creation of a bright future for both people and society as a whole."
Our mission is to contribute to the development of customers and society with innovation and reliability of analytical and evaluation technologies as our core competence.
As a group of specialists who provide optimal solutions in a timely manner, responsive to customer and social challenges, we are determined to further improve our knowledge and skills in order to be valued by all our stakeholders.

We, SCAS, continue to evolve both as an important partner to our customers and as professionals in analytical and evaluation technologies.

Yoshiaki Oda,Representative Director and President