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Evaluation of Hazardous Substances for Disaster Prevention

Many chemical substances handled in factories and laboratories in the chemical industry and other industries are unstable, and could explode unexpectedly depending upon how they are handled.
Recent advances in chemical technologies have drastically increased the amount of unstable substances being handled, and there have even been reports of tragic accidents occurring.
In order to prevent unforeseen accidents when manufacturing, storing, and transporting substances that are unstable or not well-known, it is necessary to conduct thorough surveys of their risks ahead of time.
We conduct a range of hazard evaluation test for various substances that cover everything from research, development, manufacturing, storage, and transport, to disposal—in order to prevent chemical substances from causing disasters.

Confirmation Testing of Hazardous Materials in the Jpanese Fire Service Act

Heat stability test

Dust explosion test

Gas explosion test

Dangerous Goods Transportation Related Tests (UN Recommendation Test) / GHS Classification Physical Hazard Evaluation Tests

Other Tests

Assessment Test/Sample Amount list

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