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Stability Tests

Based upon extensive experience accumulated over many years we can manage a broad range of conditions, formulations, regulatory requirements and other requirements related to stability tests.


SCAS has a long history of meeting demands for stability tests related to a diverse range of pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products. Stability tests are efficiently conducted in accordance with various guidelines (Japanese regulation for approval application, cGMP), with reliable data supplied in a format appropriate for application purposes.

  • Long-term storage tests, accelerated tests, stress tests, intermediate tests, etc.
  • Specification analysis
  • Sample storage
  • Paper-based compliance inspection support

Testing system

  1. Japanese regulation for approval application
  2. Compliance with cGMP


  1. Sample storage (5℃)
  2. Accelerated test (40℃-75%RH)
  3. Long-term storage test (25℃-60%RH, 30℃-75%RH)
  4. Light irradiation test equipment (D65 lamp)
  5. Intermediate test (30℃-65%RH)
Other test conditions available upon request

Our Experience

  1. Number of contracted companies More than 40
  2. Test items Over 300 items
  3. Formulation Tablets, capsules, granules, fine grains, powdered medicine, injections, additives, liquid medicines, ointments, suppositories, aerosols, adhesives, drug ingredients
  4. Inspection by regulatory authorities Presence with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare onsite paper-based compliance inspection (numerous cases)

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