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Foreign Materials Analysis

Contact SCAS if you have issues with foreign materials. Our laboratory experts are always ready to support you and we are backed-up by advanced technology and significant experience.


Product quality issues related to pharmaceutical products and medical devices have been increasing in recent years with 80% being caused by contamination with foreign material. SCAS employs a micromanipulator system for foreign material retrieval and analyzes foreign material using high-sensitivity component analysis with a scanning infrared microscope system (IRμs/SIRM) and an electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) to study the causes of foreign material contamination.

  1. Only a trace amount of foreign material is removed from the sample matrix and analyzed.
  2. We are capable of analyzing foreign material as small as 10 μm in size.
  3. Foreign matter contained in liquids, emulsions and other samples can be efficiently analyzed as well.
Retrieval of foreign matter with a micromanipulator system Retrieval of foreign matter with a micromanipulator system
Analysis using EPMA and IRμs/SIRM Analysis using EPMA and IRμs/SIRM

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