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Forced Degradation Preparation

SCAS provides services for forced degradation and separation of drugs making comprehensive use of our advanced technology and considerable experience gained over many years for HPLC studies and structural analysis.


Our services related to separation of forced degradation products can be requested at any stage, from searching for forced degradants through conducting structural analysis and preparation of reports. Our services are effective for accelerating drug development and for improving research efficiency. The services are available for small quantities required to determine drug structures as well as for larger quantities required for preparing analytical standards.

  1. The search for forced degradation products and setting conditions for forced degradation are performed by acquiring structural data using LC-MS measurements, even under HPLC conditions with the buffer solution as the mobile phase, so as to maintain consistency.
  2. SCAS services include performing forced degradation for separation.
  3. Forced degradation products can be prepared in quantities ranging from several mg to gram-level orders.
  4. The target substances are supplied as separated and purified from the prepared solution.
  5. SCAS will perform structural analysis of separated substances even for only one type of forced degradation product.
  6. Our services and analysis reports on the forced degradation products will be provided as a comprehensive solution covering all results from the search for forced degradation products through to their structural characterization.
  7. Impurities will be separated as well and their structural analysis conducted simultaneously.

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