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Evaluation Examples of Medical Devices and Materials

Evaluation Examples of Medical Devices and Materials

Evaluation of the state of surface reformulation in cell culturing sheets (XPS)

In this example, polystyrene cell culturing sheets with various types of surface reformulation treatments were evaluated using X-ray photoelectron spectrometry (XPS). XPS was used to observe chemical shifts adapted to the bonding state of elements. The diagram below is the spectrum for carbon (C1s) on the outer surface of the specimen. From this result, it is clear that various functional groups have been introduced, depending on the surface reformulation, and that the functional groups differ between types of reformulation.
Considering this together with the cell culturing characteristics provide important information for the development of surface reformulation methods.

Testing of material surface wettability (contact angle)

The wettability of the material surface is thought to influence the protein adsorption behavior. The wettability of the material surface can be assessed from the size of the contact angle.

Orientation status of surface monomolecular film (PAR-XPS)

The wettability, biocompatibility, and adhesion, etc. of the material are strongly influenced by the chemical structures of its outer surface. Parallel Angle Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (PAR-XPS) can be used to non-destructively view the element distribution and changes in bonding states for a few nm in the depth direction from the surface of the specimen.
The diagram below shows the example analysis of a monomolecular film coated on the surface of a substrate. The thickness of the monomolecular film and its orientation state can be analyzed.

Chemical characteristics (leachable materials test)

Other than identification of the constituent monomers in a resin material, we can combine multiple analytical methods to perform quantitative and qualitative of additives.

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