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We provide evaluation supports in various aspects and analytical services in various situations from development phase through manufacturing and sales.
We offer a variety of methodologies to examine the factors behind unexplained and unexpected phenomena as well as support critical areas in the research, manufacturing, and sales areas, such as material import and export, quality control, and manufacturing control.

Research Support

We support customer research through analysis, measurement, evaluation and other services based on these fundamental technologies.

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Manufacturing Process Control

We improve overall quality by testing, inspecting, and providing feedback through critical phases in the manufacturing process. Our company’s services contribute to the improvement of customer product quality.

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Product Import and Export

We provide services that support the required application procedures for the import and export of chemical products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and more

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Registration, Application and Notification Services

We provide registration and applications services on chemical regulation

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We offer a variety of test methods for various kinds of deterioration such as environmental degradation, UV degradation, thermal oxidation, chemical deterioration and aging.


We investigate a variety of factors such as discoloration by deterioration, chemical deterioration and structural change.


The human nose can be more sensitive than analytical instruments smell for a certain kinds of substances. Selecting appropriate methods enables us to provide odor analyses in various situations.

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Foreign Matter and Impurities

It is necessary to identify unexpected foreign substances for elucidating the route by which they come. Additionally, understanding the type and amount of non-injected matter is critical for product quality control.

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Fracture & Destruction

Fractured surfaces of materials give information about how the materials are fractured or destroyed and are useful in order to determine the cause of the problem.

Separation & Adhesion

Let us introduce our analytical services for bonding and adhesion.


The required type of elution behavior varies depending on whether you wish to promote or prevent elution. We offer a variety of services for identification of the eluates, elution volumes and behavior of the eluates.


Materials emit gas due to a variety of external forces such as heat, light, aging, and decompression, and can undergo changes such as solidification due to environmental changes. We offer many applications available that respond to a diverse array of changes.

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For inquiries and requests concerning services of analysis, measurements, products and consulting , please feel free to contact us via inquiry form or telephone/fax .