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Soil Contamination Surveys/Countermeasures

Please feel free to contact us with any soil contamination issues you are facing.

Background / Related Laws / Regulation / Revision

Soil contamination surveys/countermeasures Please feel free to contact us on anything related to soil contamination surveys.

We are a designated investigative body under the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act.
MOE Designation no.: 2003-8-1027 Notification

Contact us if you...

  • Want to conduct a soil contamination survey or underground water contamination survey
  • Are worried about soil contamination or underground water contamination
  • Are considering securitizing real estate
  • Are planning to develop land
  • Want to sell or purchase land
Portable gas chromatograph Portable gas chromatograph
Simple mechanical boring (SCSC) Simple mechanical boring (SCSC)
Self-propelled boring machine Self-propelled boring machine

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