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  3. Services Flow

Services Flow

  1. 1.Confirm inquiry content

    We are happy to answer a wide variety of inquiries, including possibility of analysis, consultations, estimates, etc. Our sales staff may contact you regarding the content of your inquiry if necessary.

  2. 2.Quotation

    We will provide estimates analysis design, testing method, delivery dates, fees, etc. based on the content of your request.

    • *Payment terms are advance payment.
    • *Please refer to the information recording in the estimate and any applicable stipulations when deciding whether to place an order.
  3. 3.Ordering

    Please contact our sales staff if you agree to the content of our order. We will inform you of any necessary procedures.

  4. 4.Measurement, analysis, assessment, consulting, registration application

    We will provide analyses and studies that match your request. We are also able to adjust to your desired schedule.

  5. 5.Reports

    We will draft and send you an official report. Please contact us with any questions that you may have about your report results.
    We will be happy to offer you a detailed explanation.

  6. 6.Payment

    We request that you make your payment according to the payment conditions decided upon at the time of application.
    Please transfer the requested amount to the bank account specified by our company no later than the given deadline.


We will keep all information related to your consignment private. We will also conclude NDAs upon request.