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Elemental Analysis & Chemical Composition Analysis

We provide elemental and chemical composition analyses of a variety of materials through sophisticated preparation techniques and measurement methods.

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We respond to a variety of requests by combining various sample preparation and introduction technologies with chromatography instruments.

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Surface Analysis

We analyze the surface and interface of electric materials, metals, ceramics, catalysts and other substances. Additionally, these are useful for elucidating analyses of foreign matter adhering the surfaces and interfaces of materials.

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Morphology Analysis

We directly observe material surface and interface.

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Structural Analysis

We determine the structure of materials and unknown compounds contained therein by combining multiple techniques.

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Physical Properties Testing & Mechanical Properties Testing

Our services for physical properties of materials include tests for mechanical sensitivity, ignition, flammability, burn rate, static electricity, pyrophoricity, self-heating and water reactivity

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Thermal Analysis

We can get information about thermal properties through thermal behavior of samples. By analyzing evolved gas from heated samples, we are able to learn about the chemical structure of samples.

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