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Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen gas quality evaluation

Leveraging the trace chemical analysis sampling and analysis techniques we have developed in the semiconductor industry, we offer high sensitivity analysis of ISO14687-2 Table 1 impurities, as well as analysis of other fuel cell poisoning components.

Test Items

Quality evaluation of hydrogen station supply hydrogen and manufacturing process gases

No. substances maximum allowable concentration standard method for analysis
1 total hydrocarbons 2ppm GC-FID
2 water 5ppm Dew point meter
3 oxygen 5ppm Trace oxygen sensor
4 helium 300ppm GC-TCD
5 argon 100ppm GC-TCD
6 nitrogen 100ppm GC-TCD
7 carbon dioxide 2ppm GC-FID(methanation reactor)
8 carbon monoxide 0.2ppm GC-FID(methanation reactor)
9 sulfer compounds 0.004ppm GC-FPD、IC
10 formaldehyde 0.01ppm DNPH/HPLC
11 formic acid 0.2ppm Imp-IC
12 ammonia 0.1ppm Imp-IC
13 halogen compounds 0.05ppm Imp-IC
14 particles 1mg/kg Filter collection, balance

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