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Multi-Regional Approach:Tailor-Made to Your Needs

We offer assistance in global chemical notification / registration covering Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, EU, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Background / Related Laws / Regulation / Revision

Application for New Chemical Substances (in and outside Japan)

In order to manufacture and / or import a product that includes a new chemical substance in Japan, studies and registration are necessary in accordance with the Chemical Substance Control Law (Kashinho) and Industrial Safety and Health Law. In order to import such a product into overseas countries / areas, studies and registrations are necessary in accordance with the regulations and laws on chemical substances of respective countries / areas. We provide various kinds of assistance, including research on the necessity of registration, arrangement of necessary studies, and applications of documents to the authorities.

Compliance with Japanese Laws / Regulations

Applications for low-molecular substances and, Polymer Flow Scheme (PFS) Tests by Chemical Substance Control Law (Kashinho)
Application for New Substances under Industrial Safety and Health Law, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Food Sanitation Law, and Law for the Control of Household Products Containing Harmful Substances
MSDS in Japanese

Compliance with Overseas Laws / Regulations

Applications for new chemical substances in the US EPA / FDA , EU (ECHA), Korea (NIER), Canada (CEPA), Australia (NICNAS), China (CRC-MEP), New Zealand (ERMA), Philippines (EMB) and Switzerland
MSDS in various languages

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