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China:Services for Hazardous Chemicals to be imported into China

According to “Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals (Decree 591)” and “Announcement on the inspection and supervisory management for imported and exported hazardous chemicals and their packaging (AQSIQ Announcement 30-2012)”, each local China entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine bureau (CIQ) has strengthened the examination of exported and imported Hazardous Chemicals. Due to this strengthening, many reports have been received regarding products not passing customs. The main reasons are “insufficient contents of Chinese SDS and labeling” and “requirement for identification report of products which hazards are uncertain”.
Sumika Chemical Analysis Service provides the below listed services for the examination of imported hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of ban on the import into China due to such insufficient information.
- To check Chinese SDS and labeling by e.g. CIQ inspection technology center
- To obtain a report on identification of hazard properties
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