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Specification and Quality Tests

SCAS provides high-quality physico-chemical testing of pharmaceutical products in accordance with various domestic and international regulations and pharmacopoeia.


We provide specification tests and test that complies with the Japanese Pharmacopoeia as well as GLP compliant quality and allocation verification tests of GLP test samples.


  • Specification tests (characteristics, identification test, purity test, quantitative tests, test for application purposes, etc.)
  • Quality tests and allocation verification tests of GLP test samples (drug analysis of samples or administered solutions, GLP test of test samples)
  • Quality tests of investigational drugs
  • Tests related to Japanese Pharmacopoeia, heavy metals, arsenic, loss on drying, water content, melting point, etc.
  • Powder physical property assessments/measurements, liquidity, particle size distribution, specific surface area, pore size distribution, viscosity, etc.

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