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OLED Analysis

Analysis of physical and chemical structure of finished products

Organic electroluminescence devices are formed from many materials. We process (disassemble or pre-process) the device depending on the goal of the analysis, and then use a combination of analytical methods to evaluate its physical or chemical structure.


Physical structure analysis (layrer interface, filmthickness, elements)
Layer interface, film thickness FIB-SEM STEM
Ellemental composition SEM-EDS STEM-EDS
Atomic diffusion Backside-SIMS  
Crystallinity SAXS WAXS
Orientation XAS ESR
Failure analysis STEM Raman
Chemical structure analysis (organic components, chemical structure, location)
Identification of organic compounds MALDI-TOF/MS  
Fine structure analysis LC-FT/MSn  
Impurity analysis LC-FT/MSn  
Deterioration analysis MALDI-TOF/MS  
Location information analysis GCIB-TOF-SIMS  

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