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Reliability Testing and Evaluation

Reliability test relating to performance and life of materials

We conduct testing of inorganic/organic gases which have a high probability of causing chemical changes in precision components, functional materials, and other industrial materials, as well as environmental test such as weatherability/humidity-resistance test, and by using sophisticated analysis technology and electronic measurement technology, we confirm the performance and reliability of electronic components and similar items. We also perform test under various conditions such as cycle test and vibration test.

Test Items

We investigate durability by applying an environmental load, such as temperature or corrosive gas, to the sample for a designated time.

Gas corrosion test
Hydrogen sulfide gas Chlorine gas
Sulfur dioxide gas Mixed gas (H2S,SO2,NO2,Cl2)
Nitrogen dioxide gas Ammonia gas
Other special gases (siloxane, inorganic acids, etc.)  
Environmental test
High/Low temperature test Salt spray test (neutral, acidic)
Constant temperature and humidity test Compound salt water cycle test
Thermal shock test Condensation test
Pressure cooker test Water resistance test
Chemical resistance test Dust resistance test
High temperature, constant humidity test Light resistance test
Temperature (humidity) cycle test Hot oil test

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