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Automotive Parts

SCAS carries out contract reliability test and failure analysis to ensure product quality.

Automotive environments are diverse, and systems must be evaluated from various perspectives. We conduct environmental test for corrosive gases, high temperature/humidity, vibration/impact, salt water, and various chemicals, and various types of reliability testing to provide evidence that products will not malfunction in any use environment. We also analyze the causes which lead up to malfunction by exploiting integration technologies such as non-destructive inspection, surface analysis, cross-section observation, degassing analysis, and environment controled measurement.


Gas corrosion test
Hydrogen sulfide gas Chlorine gas
Sulfur dioxide gas Mixed gas (H2S,SO2,NO2,Cl2)
Nitrogen dioxide gas Ammonia gas
Other special gases (siloxane, inorganic acids, etc.)  
Environmental test
High/Low temperature test Salt spray test (neutral, acidic)
Constant temperature and humidity test Compound salt water cycle test
Thermal shock test Condensation test
Pressure cooker test Water resistance test
Chemical resistance test Dust resistance test
High temperature, constant humidity test Light resistance test
Temperature (humidity) cycle test Hot oil test

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