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Evaluation and Testing of metal and ceramic materials

Main test items

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Mechanical test

We evaluate "tensile strength" "elongation" "stop" "hardness" "impact value" "fatigue limit" "residual stress" etc of metal material.

Damage analysis

"Corrosion / Damage" "Degradation" "Crack / Destruction" If equipment is damaged during manufacturing or during use, we will investigate the cause mainly from the constituent materials in order to take measures.

Porosity measurement

It is possible to non-destructively measure the porosity in ceramics that affects strength etc. by X-ray CT.

Example of analysis Investigation of distribution of trace components inside silica particle

The sample used was a silica particle of approx. 50μm in diameter. An investigation was done to determine how the Al contained as a trace component (0.3 atomic%) is distributed inside the particle.
After preparation of a sample cross-section, it was investigated with TOF-SIMS, and thus it was determined that Al is distributed uniformly in inside the particle.
Na, in contrast, was distributed with a bias toward the perimeter of the particle.

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