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Organic Thin Film Evaluation

Film quality evaluation of organic thin film

Multi-layer thin films are used in organic devices. This means that the structure or state of the thin film could change the characteristics of the device. The characteristics of the film (such as its crystallinity or orientation) could have a particularly significant effect on carrier transport properties, so selecting an analysis method to suit the state of the sample and your evaluation objectives is important when analyzing these thin film structures.

Test Items

We select the ideal measurement method based on the escape depth and area of analysis, according to the goals of the evaluation. This is especially true when evaluating crystallinity and orientation, where it is necessary to select the optimal method based on the state of the sample and the resolution of measurement.

  TEM AFM Elipsometry Polarized ATR Raman spectroscopy XRD XRR XAS ESR
Film thickness
Surface roughness
Multilayer film
  • TEM transmission electron microscopy
  • ATR attenuated total reflection infra-red spectroscopy
  • XRR X-ray reflectivity
  • ESR electron spin resonance spectroscopy
  • AFM atomic force mictroscopy
  • XRD X-ray diffraction spectroscopy
  • XAS X-ray absorption spectroscpy

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