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Analysis and Evaluation of Glass and Quartz

We provide support for improving the functionality of glass and quartz materials.

Quartz glass is used for module products such as flat panels, precision parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and masks (ArF, EUV, etc.).
Since quartz glass and other materials are required to have higher functionality, more sophisticated and diversified analysis than before is required.
We propose the analysis required for this high functionality, such as analysis of very small amount of contaminants and impurities, evaluation of shape and surface roughness, thermophysical properties, measurement of various physical properties for crack and defect control.

Test Items

We provide support for various items for each raw material or product, ranging from impurity analysis to flaw/foreign matter analysis, and evaluation of optical characteristics and properties, etc.

Analysis item Technique, Equipment
Composition・Impurity Elemental analysis-Soluble components ICP-MS, ICP-AES, AAS, Steam distillation-IC
Elemental analysis-Insoluble component LIBS, EPMA, TOF-SIMS, XPS, XRF
Elemental analysis-Volatile components ND-IR, Conbustion-IC
Structure analysis Crystalline XRD, High temperature XRD
Valence Solid-NMR, XPS, ESR, XAFS
Powder characteristics Specific surface area, Particle size distribution, Fluidity, Jet flow characteristics Nitrogen adsorption method, Mercury press-in method, Blaine air permeation method,
Laser diffraction method,gravity/centrifuge settling method, Electric resistance method
Solubility - Solubility testing、Hansen solubility parameter(Dissolution)
Composition・Impurity Elemental analysis-Soluble components ICP-MS, ICP-AES, AAS, Distillation with steam-IC
Elemental analysis-Insoluble component LIBS, EPMA, TOF-SIMS, XPS, PAR-XPS, XRF, ESR
Distribution-Surface direction(Mapping) TOF-SIMS, EPMA, SEM-EDX
Distribution-Depth direction(Depth profile) PAR-XPS, LIBS, TOF-SIMS
Contamination-Deposit in process ICP-MS, ICP-AES, IC, WTD, TOF-SIMS
Morphological observation/analysis Surface form OM, SEM, SEM-EDX, AFM, Laser Microscope
Internal structure STEM, TEM, TEM-EDX, TEM-EELSS, X-ray Microscopy
Elemental state Chemical bond Raman, ESR, XPS, PAR-XPS
Characteristic evaluation Optical Spectral transmittance/reflectance, Infrared spectral transmittance/reflectance, Haze rate
Thermal TMA, TG-DTA, DSC, Thermal conductivity, Thermal shrinkage, Viscosity measurement
Electrical Ion conductance, Surface resistance, Volume resistance, Insulation resistance, Dielectric characteristics
General Properties Strain measurement, Specific gravity measurement, Hardness measurement
Deterioration/Weather resistance testing - Weather resistance testing, environment testing, chemical durability testing, elution testing
Flaws Foreign object Raman, FIB-SEM, FIB-TEM, EPMA, XRD, TDS, LIBS, TOF-SIMS,
Bubbles Raman, LIBS, API-MS, X-ray Microscopy
Discoloration ESR, TOF-SIMS, ICP-MS, XAFS, XPS, Solid-NMR
α-ray - Low-level α-ray measurement equipment
Extraction・Desoption component Thermal Desorption(Out gas) -inorganic API-MS, TG-MS, TPD, TDS, IC, Karl Fischer method
Thermal Desorption(Out gas) -organic TD-GC-MS, WTD-GC-MS, TOF-SIMS, Vacuum Outgas
Liquid extraction(Elution component)-inorganic ICP-AES, ICP-MS, IC
Liquid extraction(Detachment)-Particle count LPC
Polishing characteristics Abrasive・Slurry‐Valuation ESR
Abrasive・Slurry‐Dispersibility Particle size distribution(Ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy), Zeta potential(Ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy),
Relaxation time・Affinity with solvent(Pulse-NMR), Hansen solubility parameter(Affinity of powder and liquid)
Abrasive・Slurry‐Dispersion stability Dynamic Mechanical. Analysis、Settling velocity, Particle size distribution(Centrifuge settling method)
Abrasive・Slurry-Screening Resonance ultrasound spectroscopy, Pulse-NMR, Centrifuge settling
Material to be polished-Surface valuation XPS
Material to be polished-Affinity with liquids Wettability(Contact Angle), Surface free energy
Material to be polished-Washing residue on surface ICP-MS, TOF-SIMS, WTD-GC-MS, LPC, IC

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