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in vitro/vivo Pharmacokinetic Screening

Harnessing proven technology and high quality SCAS provides in vitro/vivo pharmacokinetic screening services with fast delivery times.


A full range of in vitro/vivo pharmacokinetic screening services for the drug discovery stage.
Regular screening, spot screening or other types are available to meet our customer's requirements.
Please inquire for details regarding customization of test conditions.


In vitro assessment items
Metabolic stability tests Calculation of remaining percentage in various animal species
Animals: humans/rats/mice/dogs/monkeys
Reactive metabolite tests dGSH trapping studies
Enzyme inhibitor tests Cocktail substrate assay
Assessed molecules: CYP1A2/2B6/2C8/2C9/2C19/2D6/3A4
Enzyme induction tests Enzyme induction assessment in cryopreserved human hepatocytes (activity, mRNA expression)
Assessed molecules: CYP1A2/2B6/3A4
Protein bonding tests Equilibrium dialysis, ultracentrifugal method, ultrafiltration method
High-speed screening method
Membrane permeability tests Caco-2 cells, MDCK II cells
Transporter testing P-gp affinity assessment, inhibition assay (MDR1-MDCK II cells)
Chemical property assessments Solubility・logD
In vivo assessment items
Exploratory PK tests Measurement of drug concentration in blood plasma or tissue of various animals using LC-MS/MS method. Dosage and concentration measurements for mice and rats can be conducted as a package.
Quantitative analysis of endogenous compounds Measurement of endogenous compounds in blood plasma or tissue of various animals. Includes steroid hormones, lipids, nucleic acids, amino acids and peptides. Can be used for biomarker searches or toxicity and drug efficacy assessments.

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