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Synthesis, Preparation and Purification Technology

Taking advantage of our superior technology and considerable experience accumulated over many years in fields such as HPLC analysis and structural analysis SCAS provides a full range of services for drug development including synthesis, preparation and purification.


Part of our services for synthesis, preparation and purification of pharmaceutical standards and metabolites is outlined below.

  • Synthesis, preparation and purification of standards
  • Synthesis, preparation and purification of trace impurities in pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Synthesis, separation and purification of degradation products in pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products
  • Synthesis, separation and purification of metabolites

Synthesis technology:

We support drug discovery research by taking full advantage of our organic synthesis functions (compound synthesis/separation and purification/molecular structural analysis/metabolite prediction tests).

Preparation and purification technology:

We provide services for separation and purification making full use of our advanced technology accumulated over many years in HPLC analysis, analysis of unknown substances, etc. Especially, SCAS makes available a high-performance technology for enantiomer separation, which yields a high level of optical purity. We have extensive experience as well with trace isolation required for determining the structure of impurities, with isolation and purification of active ingredients from drugs and agricultural chemicals, and with separation of a broad range of samples.

Application Examples

Synthesis technology:

1. Synthesis of comparative drugs

Comparative compounds are required for comparing (various dynamics and efficacy) potential compounds being developed. We synthesize various compounds used for these purposes and supply them to customers. Recent examples: hyperlipidemia drugs (natural substances: total 18 processes) 10 g, antipsychotic A (10 processes) 5 g antipsychotic B (6 processes) 3 g, antipsychotic C (4 processes) 10 g, antiallergic agent (8 processes) 20 g, antiarrhythmic agent (4 processes) 100 g, osteoarthritis drug (8 processes) 20 g, cardiovascular drug (7 processes) 5 g

2. Synthesis of metabolite standards

Recent drug research involves studying the profile of metabolites in vitro using S9 from the initial stages of research, and then proceeding to screening. During the process, drawing up predicted metabolic pathways and chemically synthesizing different predicted metabolites only requires confirmation of the TLC Rf value or HPLC retention time to check the metabolites, which increases research speed drastically. Recent examples: antipsychotic drug (12 types, 30 mg to 100 mg each), antiallergic drug (3 types, 50 mg each), dementia drugs (5 types, 200 mg each)

3. Synthesis of stable isotope labeled compounds

Stable isotope labeled compounds such as 13C and 2H are effective as internal standards for measuring drug concentration using LC-MS/MS. We provide assistance for requests for desired compound labeling.
Recent examples: 13C indicator 100 mg and 15N indicator 30 mg (drug for treating Parkinson disease), 13C indicator 200 mg (antipsychotic drug), 2H indicator 1 g (β-lactam antibiotic), 13C indicator 1 g (β-lactam antibiotic)

Preparation and purification technology:

Enantiomers and non-enantiomers,
from low molecular weights to high molecular weights,
trace amounts (mg)

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