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Microbial Tests

At SCAS we perform high-quality microbiological testing that meets various Japanese and international regulations. We offer services for product-related testing such as for regenerative medicine and other products as well.


Our comprehensive measurements are conducted in accordance with Japanese regulation for approval application and GMP so as to meet our customer requests. We can also meet requirements to comply with Japanese pharmacopeia, EP and USP.


  • Sterility test
    • Membrane filter method
    • Direct method
  • Endotoxic test
    • Gelation method
    • Colorimetric method
    • Tubridimetric method
  • Microbial limit test
    • Viable cell count test
    • Specified microbial test
    • Growth promotion test
  • Viable cell count test
    • Common bacteria
    • Fungus and mold
  • Microbial identification test by gene analysis
  • Mycoplasma test (3 methods), etc.

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