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General Evaluation of CFRP

Improvement of the fuel efficiency of automobiles is a crucial challenge for achieving energy conservation and addressing environmental problems. Therefore, fiber reinforced plastic materials, primarily carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP), are garnering attention as materials for reducing the weight of car bodies and parts. Our company welcomes consultations on all sorts of analysis and testing.

Test Items

Object Task, Purpose Techniques
Carbon Fiber
Crystallinity (degree of crystallinity, interplanar spacing) Raman, XRD
Compatibility with resin (functional groups) XPS, Boehm method
Sizing material evaluation XPS, TOF-SIMS
Fiber tensile strength Tensile testing
Thermal expansion TMA
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Void (rate), cracks (defects) X-ray CT
Fiber orientation X-ray CT, SEM, optical microscope
Surface roughness, resin impregnating ability SEM, optical microscope
Fiber length distribution Optical microscope
Mechanical characteristics (strength, modulus of elasticity, etc.) Tension testing, Charpy impact testing
Thermal expansion (warp), anisotropy of thermal conductivity TMA, thermal conductivity
Safety, reliability Immersion test in gasoline, salt spray test
Heat generated gas Py-GC/MS, TG-MS
(Resin: polymer)
Composition analysis Py-GC/MS, GC-MS, FT-IR
Molecular weight distribution GPC
Crystallinity, Crystalline XRD, DSC, polarizing microscope
Glass transition point Temperature modulated DSC
Amount of unreacted monomer Extraction-GC/MS, etc. 
Amount of moisture Karl Fischer
Foreign matter analysis FT-IR, EPMA

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