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Evaluation of Manufacturing Process Contamination

We support selection of equipment materials based on analysis and evaluation.

To promote reduction of manufacturing costs through approaches such as changing component materials, their surface treatment, or process materials, it is effective to evaluate their chemical charactarization. We can evaluate comparatively of cleanliness, physical properties, and other factors by using the components before and after the change.


We conduct sampling and analysis, using our unique sampling technique, of contamination in the manufacturing processes for various devices, and contamination and foreign matter generated inside and outside equipment. To meet customer needs we propose various analysis techniques , such as ultra-high-sensitivity quantification of metal contaminations or molecular contaminants (SMCs) on wafer surfaces ,in equipment components(pipe, ceramics, quartz) and so on.

Test Items / Testing / Substances

purpose operation analysis items
Evaluation of component materials
Evaluation of component surface treatment
Evaluation of process materials
Elution testing Heat generated gas Surface observation,
surface analysis Impurity analysis
Metallic elements, inorganic ion components, number of particles, TOC, organic materials, inorganic gases, inorganic ion components etc.


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