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Analysis of Contamination

Ultra-high sensitivity for the analysis of trace impurities

SCAS offers ultrahigh-sensitive analysis, by performing pre-treatment in a CR, for surface molecular contaminants (SMCs) on wafers, and contamination such as organic materials, inorganic ions, metallic elements, and particles, which occur in the manufacturing processes for various devices, and inside/outside equipment.

Test Items

object of analysis purpose, test item techniques/apparatus
Wafer surface, surface layer Qualification/Quantification of ultra-trace metal components ICP/MS、ICP/AES、GF-AAS、SIMS
Qualification/Quantification of ultra-trace ion components IC、ICP-MS、IC/TOF-MS、CE、
Qualification/Quantification of ultra-trace organic components WTD-GC/MS、GC-MS
Local parts of wafer (spots, edges, bevel parts) ICP/MS、 ICP/AES、GF-AAS
Qualification/Quantification of ultra-trace ion components IC、IC/MS、IC/TOF-MS、CE、
Qualitative analysis TOF-SIMS、AES、XPS、
TDS、Raman spectroscopy

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