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in vitro Safety Screening

Harnessing proven technology and high quality SCAS provides in vitro safety screening services with fast delivery times.


In vitro safety screening service for the drug discovery stage. Regular screening, spot screening or other types are available to meet our customer's requirements.
Please inquire for details regarding customization of test conditions.


Cytotoxicity assessment  Measurement of cell viability after exposure to the test substance, using rat primary culture hepatocytes. 
Mitochondria toxicity assessment  Measurement of NADH production with ATP additive to assess inhibition after exposing submitochondrial particles from cow hearts with the test substance. 
Photoxicity assessment  Calculation of PIF (Photo irritation factor) at IC50 using Balb/c 3T3 cells exposed to the test substance with and without light irradiation. 
Phospholipidosis assessment  Numerical assessment of image analysis of fluorescently labeled phospholipidosis stores from HepG2 cells exposed to the test substance. 
In vitro micronucleus test  Numerical assessment of image analysis of induced micronucleus from CHL/IU cells exposed to the test substance with and without S9. 

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