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FPD Evaluation

We propose and offer an integrated package of the evaluations needed for stability, longer service life, improved productivity, and failure analysis.

Analysis of the composition and deterioration of constituent materials is a crucial type of evaluation for improving the characteristics of display devices. In addition, we provide a broad range of support in areas such as improving product quality and analyzing the causes of failure via evaluation of the manufacturing environment, reliability testing, and similar approaches.

Test Items

evaluation item analytical technique
Observation of cross-sectional structure EF-TEM
Evaluation of crystallinity SAXS, WAXS
Evaluation of orientation XAS, ESR
Analysis of thin-film composition MALDI-TOF-MS, LC-FTMS
Analysis of abnormal areas Raman, FIB-SEM, TEM
Analysis of internally generated gas API-MS, GC-MS
Quantification of trace metals ICP-MS
Analysis of organic impurities LC-FT-MS

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