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Fuel Cells

We offer analysis services for a range of batteries, such as lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (LIB) (which have drawn attention as next generation energy sources that offer high performance and are environmentally-friendly), fuel cells (FC), and photovoltaic cells (PV). We analyze, test, and evaluate a wide range of materials and parts, including disassembly in inert atmospheres (such as helium or argon), component parts of batteries (such as electrolytes, catalysts, electrodes, binders, separators), and even generated fluid.

Test Items for Fuel Cells

Analysis Items Evaluation Items Techniques, apparatus
Electrolyte membrane Sulfone group content Atomic absorption spectrometry, titration
Structural changes XPS、IR imaging, thermo-optical analysis、TOF-SIMS、NMR、TOA
Deterioration Ultro-weak chemiluminescence
Thermal properties TOA
Glass-transition temperature MDSC Modulated-DSC
Change in molecular weight GPC
Phase separation TEM
Crystallinity and orientation Raman spectroscopy、TOA
Water transport PFG-NMR
Water adsorption-desorption at each level of humidity Adsorption and desorption of water
Water distribution on membrane surface Refraction-contrast imeging using synchrotron radiation
Specific surface area BET (nitrogen adsorption, Kr adsorption)
Free volume Positron annihilation spectroscopy
Platinum distribution TEM
Layer structure SEM
Sub-μm level element distribution
μm level element distribution
MEA Layer structure observation X-ray computed tomography
Cross-section observation FE-EPMA
Deterioration analysis NMR、EGA、IR
Support carbon Crystal size XRD
Chemical states of surface elements XPS
Qualitative analysis of foreign matter on the surface TOF-SIMS
Pore evaluation Gas adsorption method
Micropore evaluation Gas adsorption method
Macropore evaluation Mercury porosimetry
Hydrophilic/hydrophobic evaluation Water vapor adsorption
Contact angle and surface tension Three point click method, pendant drop method
Gas reactivity evaluation TPD・TPR
Particle size distribution Laser diffraction
Catalyst layer Polymer content DSC
Polymer dispersion state SEM
Structural changes Synchrotron X-ray CT
Chemical structure Pyrolysis-GC/MS
Specific surface area and particle diameter Metal surface ares measurement instrument
Particle size distribution TEM
Catalyst metal valence (platinum, etc.) XPS
Time series adsorbed molecule monitor in-situ FT-IR
Ratio of carbon, oxygen, fluorine, sulfur, platinum state XPS
Other items Analysis testing using large-scale synchrotron radiation facilities SAXS、Synchrotron X-ray CT
Evaluation of polymeric material surface C-OH and COOH XPS

Analysis Procedures

Analysis Procedures Analysis Procedures

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