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Evaluation of Next-Generation Photovoltailc Cells

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Photovoltaic cells are a clean, inexhaustible energy source, and active R&D is being conducted to achieve goals such as boosting performance and lengthening service life. Regarding the next-generation of photovoltaics, such as Perovskite and organic thin-film types, which can be fabricated at lower cost than the current mainstream silicon type, we support R&D to achieve further improvement in generation/conversion efficiency, through approaches such as evaluation of various materials and observation of cell structure.

Test Items

object of analysis test items techniques/apparatus
Next-generation types (organic types, etc.) Cell structure analysis Layer interface, film thickness FIB-SEM,STEM
Element composition SEM-EDS,STEM-EDS
Element dispersion Backside-SIMS
Crystallinity SAXS,WAXS
Orientation XAS,ESR,STEM
Defect analysis STEM,Raman spectroscopy
Cell component analysis Determination of organic components MALDI-TOF/MS
Precision structure analysis LC-FT/MSn,NMR
Analysis of impurities LC-FT/MSn
Analysis of deterioration MALDI-TOF/MS
Analysis of position information GCIB-TOF-SIMS
Compound types Cell Surface impurities ICP-MS、IC、CE、TD-GC-MS、TOF-SIMS
Impurities SIMS
Film structure TEM-EDX、SIMS、XPS、AES
Crystallinity Raman spectroscopy、TEM、Cathodoluminescence
Module constituent substances Encapsulant
(EVA, etc.)
Deterioration FT-IR、GC-MS、Chemiluminescence
Back sheet Barrier performance Gas permeability
Permeated gas components API-MS
Film composition FT-IR
Adhesive composition FT-IR、GC-MS
Panels Service life Environment-resistance testing Weather resistance test, constant temperature and humidity test
  Component parts Environmentally hazardous substances
Manufacturing environment Cleanroom Impurities in the environment ICP-MS、IC、CE、GC-MS

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