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QHow much are your analysis fees?

Our analysis fees depend on the sample form, number of samples, delivery period, requirements and other items specified in your request. We will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate upon receiving the details of your request.

QI would like to request an analysis. Whom should I contact?

Please first fill out the Inquiry Form and press send. A member of our sales staff specialized in that kind of analysis will contact you. Should you not wish to use the form, we also accept requests by email.

QHow large should a sample be?

The required size varies based on factors such as sample types and analysis methods. Please fill out the inquiry form to contact us for details.

QWhat payment options are available?

Please pay the full amount in advance into the designated bank account.

QHow will I receive my report?

We will send you the official report in electronic delivery or in paper. If you wish to receive it in electronic delivery, we will time-stamp the report to secure safety and reliability.
If you would like flash report by e-mail, please let us know in advance.

QI would like several additional copies of the report.

Our standard reports are generally one copy only. Please mention that you would like additional copies in your request. We will be mentioned individually on our estimate.