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Introduction of SUMIGRAPH NCH-22 series

SUMIGRAPH NCH-22 series can maesure total nitrogen, toatal carbon and total hydrogen.

SUMIGRAPH NCH-22A (semi-automated type) is an automated assay apparatus for one sample at a time. By installing an optional full automation kit, it can be upgraded into a fully automated system.
SUMIGRAPH NCH-22F (fully automated type) is equipped with an automated sampler by default to which 60 samples can be set. Continuous automated assay starts simply by setting a boat with weighed sample to the automated sampler and pressing the start button.

Features of SUMIGRAPH NCH-22 series

High sensitivity and broad assay range (characteristic of the GC/TCD method)

High accuracy assay can be made for a broad range. [Nitrogen: 0.01-100% (5 μg - 10 mg), carbon: 0.005-100% (5 μg - 70 mg), hydrogen: 0.05-100% (5 μg - 1 mg)]

Simple sampling and weighing (characteristic of circulated combustion method)

Since an adequate assay accuracy can be achieved by weighing using semi-micro scales with a reciprocal sensitivity of 0.01 mg, the weighing operation is highly simple compared to conventional methods. Additionally, their wide dynamic range realizes assay of rare samples for a sample weight of 1 mg or so, weighed using micro scales.
Further, the boat can be used repeatedly, contributing to reducing the running cost.

Minimal maintenance, effective analysis (characteristic of circulated combustion method)

The reduced copper can be used for about 250 times successive measurements, and combustion residues are automatically collected. The time required to stop the apparatus for maintenance can be reduced, realizing a high rate of operation.
The circulation system piping is unitized and controls are consolidated into one board. With these, maintainability has been improved.

Broad applicable range

The form of sample can be either solid or liquid.
Additionally, SUMIGRAPH NCH-22 is applicable to samples with a wide range of volumes, from organic synthesis compounds with only a small sample volume is available to samples that require a large sampling volume. By installing an absorption tube, the assay method can be easily switched between nitrogen/carbon simultaneous assay and nitrogen-only assay.

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