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Guidance for discontinued models and parts delivery

Thank you for your many years of support for our SUMIGRAPH series. Among the series, models shown below have been discontinued due to model change and other reasons, and almost 10 years have passed since the discontinuation. We have since made all our efforts to secure spare parts to be able to provide our customers with repair and maintenance services, yet we have fallen to a difficult situation to procure these spare parts.
Regarding repair and part supply for old model products, we have sent a notice letter below to each customer, but we are unable to contact some customers who have not notified us of changes in their contact address. Here, we would like to raise this issue again to call for attention of our customers.

We appreciate your loyal support for our products, and understanding our situation.

Models for which maintenance services have been terminated

For models below, more than 15 years have passed since discontinuation, and maintenance and part supply services are no longer provided.

  • NC-80A
  • NC-800
  • NC-90A
  • NCH-21
  • N-300
  • N-350
  • all types of GCT series
  • N-10
  • TOC-90
  • P-1500
  • NC-900
  • NC-1000

Models for which maintenance services are provided

For models below, their production has been ended, but maintenance and part supply services are still provided.

  • NC-220F
  • NC-22 series

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Please contact us for any information on SUMIGRAPH, such as equipment, consumables, maintenance.

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