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Custom synthesis

Using our wealth of achievements and experience in organic synthesis technologies, we offer services to provide a wide variety of purity- and structure-guaranteed compounds we synthesize, prepare and purify, not limited to pharmaceuticals and metabolite standards.


Fully utilizing our advanced synthesis technologies and analytical instrument, we provide compounds with guaranteed purity and structure. We respond to various customer requests meeting their styles.


Synthesis of samples for R&D or evaluation tests

Development of a novel product requires synthesis of a leading compound and compounds for screening and evaluation of their performance. We synthesize various compounds and intermediates used for such purposes and deliver them to our customers (in a unit of mg to several kg).

Synthesis, preparation and purification of active ingredients in a product and in-production trade amount impurities and decomposition products

Sometimes, development of a new product requires toxicity test and safety test not only for active ingredients in the product but also for impurities and decomposition products that are generated during production.
Additionally, it is considered extremely important to accurately understand the amount of impurities in raw materials or decomposition products that generate during production in terms of quality control for the production process.
We synthesize various compounds used for such purposes or carry out separation and purification from products and deliver them to our customers.

Synthesis, separation and purification of analytical standards

Production process control and establishment of analysis method require highly pure standards. We deliver compounds used for such purposes to our customers in accordance with the customer’s needs, by fully using our separation and purification technologies including chromatography (e.g., open column, medium/high performance LC fractioning).
In some cases, standards labeled with deuterium or other elements are required to ensure the accuracy of analysis method, and we deliver such items to our customers by uniquely designing the synthesis route and synthesizing them.

We provide support in accordance with the customer’s needs not only in synthesizing compounds in each stage but also in screening, industrializing, registration application, and other steps.

Examples of compounds SCAS synthesized in the past

  • Agricultural chemicals (pesticides, disinfectants, herbicides), household disinfection agent related compounds (active ingredients, in-production impurities, metabolites, decomposition products)
  • Veterinary drugs and antibiotics
  • Environmental hormone-like compounds
  • Surfactants
  • Food additives (antioxidants, anti-coloring agents, preservatives, disinfectants, sweeteners, coloring agents)
  • Liquid crystal compounds
  • Dyes, pigments, paints, flavoring agents
  • Polymer additives (plasticizers, thickeners, nucleating agents, vulcanizing agents), polymer functional group modification

Stable labeled isomers (D, 13C) of compounds above, and many other compounds.

Special synthesis technologies

We use special reactions like below in addition to commonly used organic synthesis reactions. Please contact us about special reactions that may be needed for your request.

  • Reaction using phosgene or cyanide
  • Pressured reaction using autoclave
  • Photosensitized reaction using photosensitizer (mercury vapor lamp)

We will respond to various needs. Please feel free to contact us.

※We also offer reaction monitoring and collection of various measurement data utilizing our analytical technologies. Please feel free to contact us.
※Even for a new compound for which the synthesis method is unknown, we are happy to conduct investigations and propose a synthesis route for you.
※Obtained compounds undergo structural analysis, purity analysis and other necessary analyses to ensure that they meet the customer’s demand and purpose.

Contact Us for Services

For inquiries and requests concerning services of analysis, measurements, products and consulting , please feel free to contact us via inquiry form or telephone/fax .