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SUMIPAX DI-NO2 SG-05 series

Exhibits high resolution for recognizing Positional isomer

For SUMIPAX DI-NO2 SG, 3,5-dinitrophenyl group is bound to silica gel by covalent bond via a spacer, useful for recognizing positional isomer of aromatic compounds and substances with unsaturated bonds.
It is usable for both normal phase and reversed phase systems.

Product specification

Product name
Separation mode Functional group Particle size
Pore size
Main target compounds
DI-NO2 SG-05 series Normal and reversed phase 3,5-dinitrophenyl 5 120 positional isomer of aromatic compounds


Positional isomer (terphenyl)

Product list

Particle size
Product name
Internal diameter
Product code
5 DINO2 SG-05-4625 4.6 250 ASG05-4625W
DINO2 SG-05-20025 20 250 ASG0520025W
  • Note : Please use SUMIPAX Filters for guard columns

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