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SUMIPAX ODS Z-CLUE has all the properties required as the first selection column for when newly developing an HPLC analysis method.


Supports from method establishment through test analysis, steady analysis, to preparationMaximum column pressure (2 μm column): 60 MPa Supports ultra-high performance LC
The silanol activity is reduced to the extent possible ⇒ Good peak shapes for alkaline compounds and acidic compounds
Acid/alkaline resistance Mobile phase with pH 1-10 can be used
High purity silica gel with little adsorption due to metal impurities is used (metal content is controlled to 1 ppm or less)
Excellent durability and lot reproducibility

Product detail

Low column pressure

Comparison of column puressure in 3μm ODS columns provided by HPLC column manufacturers (measured by SCAS)

ODS column
Company A Company B Company C Company D Company E Company F
column pressure
10.5 16 14.6 13.7 13.9 14.7 14.8
measurement condition
Column dimention mobile phase : Methanol/water flow rate column temperature

Relationships between column pressure and mobile phase composition

Even with smaller particle size (3mm) and longer column (250mm), relatively low column pressure make it possible to use methanol. Even with smaller particle size (3mm) and longer column (250mm), relatively low column pressure make it possible to use methanol.

Deactivation of silanol groups

For SUMIPAX ODS Z-CLUE, residual silanol groups are deactivated as much as possible through endcapping, and alkaline compounds exhibit excellent peak shapes even under a neutral condition where they are susceptible to residual silanol groups the most.

Good reproducibility for column lots

Ultra high performance LC column with particle size 2mm

Fast analysis


Product list


Particle size(μm) Internal diameter (mm) Length (mm) Product code
2 2 30 AZ-02-2003W
50 AZ-02-2050W
100 AZ-02-2010W
3 30 AZ-02-3003W
50 AZ-02-3005W
100 AZ-02-3010W
3 2 50 AZ-03-2005W
100 AZ-03-2010W
150 AZ-03-2015W
3 50 AZ-03-3005W
100 AZ-03-3010W
150 AZ-03-3015W
4.6 50 AZ-03-4605W
100 AZ-03-4610W
150 AZ-03-4615W
250 AZ-03-4625W
5 2 50 AZ-05-2005W
150 AZ-05-2015W
3 150 AZ-05-3015W
4.6 150 AZ-05-4615W
250 AZ-05-4625W
  • Please use SUMIPAX Filters for guard columns

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