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SUMIPAX CN R-05 series

Separation characteristics different from ODS

The SUMIPAX CN R-05 series is columns for which high purity silica gel chemically bound with cyanopropyl group and end-capped is pressure filled as the packing materials, usable for both normal phase and reversed phase systems. For their neutral CN group, they offer separation characteristics different from ODS-bound columns.

Product specification

Product name
Separation mode Functional group Particle size
Pore size
Main target compounds
CN R-05 series Normal and reversed phase CN 5 120 Alcohols, aldehydes, steroids etc



Product list

Particle size
Product name SUMIPAX Internal diameter
Product code
5 CN R-05-4015 4 150 R-05-4015W
CN R-05-4025 250 AR-05-4025W
CN R-05-4615 4.6 150 AR-05-4615W
CN R-05-4625 250 AR-05-4625W
  • Note : Please use SUMIPAX Filters for guard columns

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