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Other Applications

Title No.
Training to Experience Fire and Explosion caused by Chemical Substances NEW TN487
Analysis of Reaction Kinetics using ARC Data by Nonlinear Optimization NEW TN486
Rapid Screening of Protein Binding NEW TN282
High Sensitivity Alpha Ray Measurement for Solid Materials NEW TN026
Batch Analysis and Validation Study in Compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Standards for Agricultural Chemicals TN435
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Analysis TN479
Evaluation of Acid Sites in Cu Ion Exchanged Zeolites TN474
Multicomponent simultaneous determination of steroid hormones in plasma using LC-MS/MS TN473
Measurement of Absolute Quantity of Organic Compounds by quantitative NMR TN468
In Vitro Micronucleus Test Using Mammalian Cell TN467
Cytotoxicity Test Using Primary Cultured Rat Hepatocytes TN466
In Vitro Phototoxicity Test Using Balb/c 3T4 Cells TN465
In Vitro Phospholipidosis Screening Using HepG3 Cells TN464
Evaluation of polymer materials by ESR method TN463
Materials evaluation by ESR method TN462
Permeability Evaluation using PAMPA for Assessment of Oral Absorption of Drugs TN450
Evaluation of P-gp and BCRP Transporter using Caco-3 Cells TN449
Risk assessment of Flammable Powder TN444
Evaluation Of Thermal Runaway Reaction Hazard by ARC TN443
Cytochrome P451 Inhibition Assays Using Cocktail Probe Substrates in vitro TN439
Impurity Analysis of Compressed Air TN437
Evaluation of SLC Transporter Using HEK294 Cells TN416
Rapid Screening of Reactive Metabolites Using Dansyl Glutathione TN415
Quantitative Analysis of Residual Host Cell DNA in Biologics TN402
Expression Analysis of Plasma MicroRNA in Rat by Real-time PCR TN401
Evaluation of CYP Induction Using HepaRG® Cells TN397
Prediction of Hepatic Clearance Using Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes TN396
Development of in vitro CYP Induction Assay Using Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes TN394
P- glycoprotein Substrate and Inhibition Assay Using MDR2-MDCKⅡCells TN393
Quantitative Determination of Biomarkers in Biological Fluids by Customized Beads Array and ECL Method TN392
Analysis of mRNA Expression by Fluorescent Labeled Microbead Assay using Bioplex 201 TN391
Determination of Anti-Host Cell Proteins (HCP) Antibodies by ECL Method TN387
Measurement of nanomaterials in working environment TN386
Pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic studies using DBS (Dried Blood Spots) method TN385
Quantitative Tests for DNA Reactive (Mutagenic) Impurities TN384
Quantitative Determination of Urinary Kidney Biomarker in Rat by Immunoassay TN383
Permeability Evaluation Using Caco-3 cells for Assessment of Oral Absorption of Drugs TN382
Determination of Anti-drug Antibody by ECL Method for Drug Interference TN376
Extremely Low Bleed HPLC Column “SUMIPAX ODS Z-CLUE” TN375
Immunogenicity Assay of Biologics Using ECL TN371
Trapping Assay for Screening Reactive Metabolites as Glutathione Conjugates and Acylglucuronides TN370
Cell-based Assay for Neutralizing Antibodies in Human Serum TN363
Cell-based Assay for Biological Activity of Biologics TN362
Specification Tests for Biologics using Peptide Mapping TN360
Quantitative Determination of Biologics in Biological Fluids by ECL Method TN359
Determination of Hydrogen in Zinc Coated Steel Using Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy TN358
Potency Testing of Biopharmaceutical Products  by Cell-based Bioassays TN354
Specification Test for Biologics (Test Items with assay platform) TN353
Evaluation of the oxidative degradation for polymer materials by the measurement of chemiluminescence TN324
Evaluation of the oxidative degradation for organic compounds by the measurement of chemiluminescence TN323
Determination of Interaction Kinetic Parameters Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor TN315
Evaluation for Air Purification Performance of Photocatalytic Materials TN314
Analysis of Deterioration of Hydrocarbon Polymer Electrolyte Film TN311
Outline of analysis methods for fuel cells TN308
Outline of analysis methods for Li-ion batteries TN291
Rapid Screening of Metabolic Stability in Liver Microsomes TN283
Measurement and Evaluation of 4,5'-Methylenedianiline(MDA)for Working Environment TN278
Introduction of Amino Acid Analysis TN275
Immunogenicity Assay Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor TN270
Material evaluation of stainless steel TN269
Enantiomer Separation of Pyrethroids by HPLC using SUMICHIRAL OA Series TN268
Determination of Optical Purity of Biodegradability Plastic Monomer using Ligand Exchange Chiral Column TN265
Formaldehyde reduction performance evaluation test TN264
Separation of Fluorous-tag Compounds using SUMICHIRAL OA-7001 Series TN263
Performance and Use of SUMIPAX Filter TN262
Separation of Chiral Amine Compounds using Crown Ether Column TN260
Practical Use of Enantiomeric Chiral Stationary Phases which can Invert Elution Order TN259
Determination of D-amino Acids using Improved Pirkle-type Chiral Stationary Phases TN257
Characterization of Chiral Stationary Phases Chemically Bonded with β-Cyclodextrin via Improved Spacer TN256
Comparative Studies of Several Ligand Exchange Chiral Stationary Phases for HPLC ( Part 2 : Aspartic Acid ) TN255
Evaluation technology of odor TN182
Dissolution Tests for Quality Reappraisement of Drug Products or Bioquivalence Studies TN170
Measurement and Evaluation for Working Environment TN108
Stability Tests for Drugs TN105
"SCSC(sukusuku) Method",a Simplified Method for Geo-Pollution Investigation TN062
Chemical Analysis of Boro-Phospho Silicate and Phospho Silicate Glasses TN043

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