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Degradation / Damage / Foreign Substance

Title No.
Visualization of Components and Structure in the Micro Region: Imaging Analysis by Raman Microspectroscopy TN485
Precision Measurement of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) by High Sensitivity TMA TN484
Techniques for Qualitative Analysis of Trace Level Unknown Compounds by LC-FTMS TN478
Composition Analysis of Lubricating Oil TN477
Evaluation of polymer materials by ESR method TN463
Degradation Analysis of Positive-electrode Active Material for Lithium-ion Batteries by TEM TN440
Identification of Foreign Matter by Pyrolysis-GC/MS TN426
UV-Py-GC/MS Evaluation of Deterioration in Polymers due to UV, Oxidation and Heat TN349
Evaluation of Degradation of Polymer Encapsulants in Photovoltaic Cell TN346
Identification of foreign substances in drugs TN329
Identification of foreign substances in drugs TN328
Identification of foreign substances by micro FT-IR Imaging TN327
Evaluation of the oxidative degradation for polymer materials by the measurement of chemiluminescence TN324
Evaluation of the oxidative degradation for organic compounds by the measurement of chemiluminescence TN323
Analysis of Deterioration of Hydrocarbon Polymer Electrolyte Film TN311
The section analysis of the LSI chip by FIB-AES TN287
Auger Electron Spectroscopy TN284
Material evaluation of stainless steel TN269
Diagnosis for LCD Unevenness
-Determination of Foreign Particle Using Micromanipulator-
Study of Inferiority of Liquid Crystal Displays
-Analysis of Polyimide Alignment Film by TOF-SIMS-
Depth Profile of SUS Pipe by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy TN008
Analysis of Unknown Sample by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) TN002

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