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Physical Property Test / Mechanical Test

Physical Property Testing, Mechanical Test, Metallographic Test, Dissolution Test, etc.

Title No.
Measurement of Pore Size Distribution by Mercury Porosimetry NEW TN133
Measurement of Particle Size Distribution [Electrical Resistance by Coulter Counter] NEW TN130
Valence Evaluation of Doped Metal Elements in Glass by ESR NEW TN462
Measurement of Particle Density by Gas Replacement Method TN164
Measurement of Flash Points TN436
Comprehensive Thermophysical Analysis of Conductive Pastes TN516
Thermal Shock Test TN317
Particle Shape Characterization by Image Analysis TN511
Measurement of Particle Size Distribution [Image Analysis] TN510
Measurement of Specific Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution by Nitrogen Adsorption Method TN132
Molding and Evaluation of Physical Properties of Thermoplastic Resin TN501
True Density Measurement with Gas Adsorption Measuring Device TN498
Precision Measurement of Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) by High Sensitivity TMA TN484
Determination of Pore Size Distribution using Molecular Probe Method for Micropores TN483
Evaluation of polymer materials by ESR method TN463
Analysis of Differential adsorption heat using adsorption curve TN456
Minimum Ignition Energy Measurement of Combustible Dusts by MIKE4 TN412
Dust Explosion Tests of High Pharmacological Active Substances TN411
Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Automotive Exhaust Catalysts TN404
Measurement of particle size distribution [Dry sieving] TN379
Characterization of epoxy resin by pulsed NMR TN378
Determination of thermal conductivity of heat radiation materials TN373
Evaluation of moisture sorption property TN344
Measurement Method of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Diffused from Automotive Parts TN342
Separated determination of chemical and physical adsorption by difference adsorption isotherm TN338
Evaluation of a surface characteristic by a steam absorption isothermal line TN249
Water Vapor Permeability Test of packaging foils and films TN243
Physicochemical Properties Screening for Predicting Pharmacokinetics of Drug Candidates (Solubility and Log D) TN193
Measurement of particle size distribution [Laser diffraction/Optical scattering] TN161
Measurement of surface and interface tension by pendant drop method TN142
Measurement of Contact Angle by Video Image Processing Method TN141
Measurement of density by oscillational density meter TN139
Evaluation of Metal Surface Area of Catalysts by Pulse Chemisorption TN135
Numerical Evaluation for Powder Characteristics TN134

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