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Environmental Research Services

  Evaluation of Reliability for Electronic Components and Materials
  Analysis of Metallic Impurities in Various Thin Films
  Clean Room Evaluation
  Surface Analysis and Structural Analysis (Fields and Features of Analysis)

Pharmaceuticals Testing and Analysis Services
  List of Services Provided
  Measurement of Concentrations of Trace Drugs in Biological Specimens
  Stability Test
  Measurement of Physicochemical Properties
  Synthesis, Separation and Purification
  Foreign Matter Analysis
  Instruments Sales - Chiral Separation Columns for HPLC
  Reagents for Assay of Human Cytochrome P450

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Services

Safety and Hazardous Properties Evaluation Services
  Safety Test
  Hazardous Test
  Pesticide Residue Analysis

Material Evaluation Services
  Analysis of Compositions and Structures of Chemical Materials
  Polymer Material Evaluation Test, Composition Analysis and Structural Analysis

Registration Application and Safety Assessment of Chemical Substances
  Registration for REACH
  Global Notification Services
  Polymer Flow Scheme (PFS) Tests under Chemical Substance Control Law (Kashinho)
  Services Related to Food Packaging Materials, Food Additives, Cosmetics and Feed Additives
  Hazards / Safety Evaluation
  Eco-toxicity Studies
  Global MSDS Services
  Risk Management
  Various tests for Dangerous Properties

Instrument Sales - Chromatography Columns

Instrument Sales - Analytical Equipment

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  Business Overview
  Corporate Overview
  Message from the President
  Business Divisions and Offices


Quality Assurance Activities
  Our Quality Assurance Programs
  What is ISO/IEC17025?

List of Analytical Instruments

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