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Quality Assurance Activities

  1. Corporate Quality Policy

Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd. uses the highest-level analytical technologies. In providing products to our customers, moreover, we strive to comply with all laws and regulations, maintain integrity and confidentiality, and observe quality regulations to secure their trust and satisfaction. We set quality standards and goals, review the maintenance of our quality system’s compliance with international standards, ensure its ongoing suitability, and implement continual improvements to enhance its effectiveness.

  2. Quality Assurance Programs

Each laboratory and department has its own quality assurance program as an integral part of its mission critical operations are carried out by, in line with our Corporate Quality Policy. Members of our Department Quality Committee and Department Quality Management Group enhance the level of quality assurance through the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. The Company Quality Committee, an advisory body to the president, whose members comprise laboratory and departmental heads, discuss our company’s quality assurance activities in general, including setting quality goals at the beginning of each fiscal year, as well as identifying the programs and measures to be emphasized, and submit recommendations. At the same time, the group inspects and confirms the quality assurance activities that the company carries out as a whole, and proposes appropriate measures. The Quality Assurance Department assists laboratories and departments with their quality assurance activities and promotes them receiving guidance from the instructions of the president and the Corporate Quality Committee.

Along with keeping customer information strictly confidential, we ensure data reliability—which is crucial in analytical testing services—by using a quality system that conforms to international standards, such as ISO9001, ISO/IEC17025, Pharmaceutical and agrochemical GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).
Our Quality Assurance Programs

What is ISO/IEC17025?
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