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Safety and Hazardous Properties Evaluation Services

We contribute toward risk management appropriate to chemical substances through evaluation of hazards of chemical substances (influence on health (acute and chronic toxicity, mutagenicity, irritation, etc.), environmental effect (influence on algae, water fleas and fishes) and physical hazard (danger of combustion and explosion and related physicochemical properties).

  Notification Services for New Chemical Substances
  • Tests for notification for compliance with the Law concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances
  • *Degradability test
  • *Concentration test
  • *Partition coefficient measurement
  • *Ames (reverse mutation) test
  • *Chromosomal aberration test
  • *28-day repeated dose toxicity test
  • *Biological influence test
  • *Polymer flow scheme (for various polymers)
  • Preparation of documentation for notification for compliance with the Law concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture, etc. of Chemical Substances and notification operations
  • Tests for notification for compliance with Industrial Health and Safety Law and notification operations
  • Tests related to Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
  • Research and consultation for various notifications

  Notification Services for Chemical Substances in
  Countries other than Japan
  • Notification of new chemical substances
  • *Canada:CEPA
  • *Korea
  • *China
  • Research on trends in regulations in various countries
  • Safety tests necessary for notification
  • Acquisition of CAS No. and CA Index Name
  • Research and consultation for notifications
  Measurement of Physicochemical Properties of Chemical
  Substances and Hazard Evaluation
  • Explosiveness test
  • Mechanical sensitivity
  • Ignitability and combustibility
  • Electrostatic characteristics
  • Tests for judgment of compliance with regulations for hazardous substances in Fire Service Law
  • Reaction hazard test
  • Thermal property test
  • Thermal decomposition and thermal stability
  • Consultation about hazardousness of chemical substances
  Safety Test and Evaluation Related to Human Health
  • Acute toxicity test (oral, dermal and inhalation)
  • Skin and eye irritation/corrosiveness test
  • Skin sensitization test
  • Mutagenicity test (Ames, chromosomal aberration, etc.)
  • Repeated dose toxicity test
We can conduct tests according to your demand and any guidelines. As for test not listed above, please consult us.

  Services for the Safety of Chemical Substances
  • Preparation and translation of MSDS
  • Preparation of MSDS in English (for US and EU)
  • Research, testing and notification services for registration of chemical substances and products to organizations in and out of Japan
  • *FDA
  • *Positive list of Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association
  • *EcoMark
We can provide services conforming to other various self-imposed regulations.
  • PRTR-Related ServicesS
  • HPV evaluation and researchS
  • Research and consultation on chemical substance risk assessment and risk management
  Environmental Impact Test and Evaluation
  • Acute toxicity tests for fishes
    Carp, Oryzias Latipes, bluegill, zebra-fish, rainbow trout, Japanese trout, fathead minnow, etc.
  • Daphnia sp. acute immobilization test
  • Algae acute growth inhibition test
  • Fish prolonged toxicity test and subacute toxicity test
  • Daphnia sp. reproduction inhibition test
  • Angleworm acute toxicity test
  Safety Tests
  • Pesticide residue tests (agricultural crops and foods)
  • Analysis of BPA and MK in paper products
  • Tests of Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association
  • Tests related to Standard Method of Analysis for Hygienic Chemists
  • Japanese Pharmacopoeia tests
  • Analysis of acrylamide in food
  • Analysis of phthalic ester in medical devices
  • Measurement of physicochemical properties
Safety Test

Hazardous Test

Pesticide Residue Analysis
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