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Environmental Research Services

We contribute to the global efforts to achieve the sustainable environment with providing our experience and continuous development of new technologies.

  Our services
    We provide wide range of environmental research and solution as shown below.

  Environmental Monitoring

  • Gas Emission
    Measurement of gas emission under the Japanese lows and regulations. Measurement of dioxins and various pollutants in exhaust gas.
  • Atmosphere
    Measurement of air pollutants, airborne particulate matter (PM2.5) and odor.
  • Sick-building
    Measurement of aldehyde, volatile organic compounds bactericides, and its safty assessment.
  • Odor
    Measurement of odor level under the Japanese lows and regulations, chemica analysis of odor substances.
  • Quality of Wastewater, Environmental Water, Public Water, Drinking Water, Ground Water
    Measurement of water quality under the Japanese lows and regulations, dioxins and various hazardous substances
  • Noise and Vibration and Frequency
  • Waste
    Measurement under the Japanese lows and regulations, dioxins and hazardous substances

Pre-Treatment of Dioxins

Hazardous Air Pollutant Measuring Instrument

  Workplace Environment Measurement

We provide the solution and evaluation under the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

  • Measurement of control chemicals;
    Ethylene Oxides, Dusts, Organic Solvents, Other organic chemicals, Heavy Metals Carbonic Acid Oxygen, Noise Level Frequency, etc.
  • Performance of Local Exhaust Equipment

Example of the GC-MS measurement of organic substances

  Survey of Soil and Groundwater Pollution
  • Survey by the Simplified Mechanical Boring Method Introduced in "Temporary Guidelines on the Survey and Measures against Soil and Groundwater Pollution" issued by the Water Quality Bureau, the Ministry of the Environment
  • Provide following survey and solution under the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act.
    Measurement of Heavy Metals, Volatile Organic Compounds and othet hazardrous Substances,
    On-site monitoring and field survey of polluttants
  Environmental Assessment
  • Drafting of Assessment Plan
    Resource research, Field survey
  • Prediction of the environmental impact
    Climate, Atmosphere, Water Quality, Duration, Odor, Sediment, Terrestrial and Sea Creatures, Noise and Vibration
  • Assessment
    Predict the environment impact by the development, examine whether the results meet the environmental regulations.

SCSC Boring

  Environmental Science, Safety and Assessment of Chemicals
  • Endocrine Disrupters
  • Biodegradability Test
  • Agricultural Chemicals in Environment Samples
  • Hazardous Substances in Workplace Air
  • Confirmation of Degradation Product

  Research and Development, Environmental Consultation
  • Consultation of the following research and development, experimental and proper treatment regarding soil purification , various organic substances and wastes
  • Consultation of the following research and development, experimental and operation management regarding improvement of various pollution controls
  • Consultation of the environmental control systems at work places (compliance to ISO14000/the environmental assessment program of the Ministry of Environment)
  • Consultation of the improvement of work places environemnt
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