SCAS  Sumika Chemical Analysis Service, Ltd.


Our knowledge and experience in chemistry and excellent up-to-date analytical techniques contribute toward development of electronics and improvement of technology.

  Device Surface Evaluation
  • Analysis of metallic impurities in thin films
  • Analysis of trace impurities on wafer surfaces
  • Observation of micro sections and elemental analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of surface films
  • Analysis of trace pollutants
  • Analysis of wiring defects, performance defects and micro particles
  Evaluation of Electronic Components
  • Analysis of bonding defects
  • Outgas evaluation
  • Analysis of deterioration of chemical materials
  Separating and Sampling Techniques
  • Micromanipulator
  • Cyclone particle sampler
  • Sampling kit for clean room air evaluation
  • Absorption collection of solvents/solid bodies
  • Separation of head space
  • Gas generated by heating
  • Separation of solvent liquid film surfaces
  • Microprocessing
  Analysis and Evaluation of Raw Materials
  • Analysis of high-purity chemicals
  • Analysis of high-purity gases
  • Photoresist analysis
  • Wettability and corrosion resistance of sealing compounds, solder and wiring paste
  Clean Room Evaluation
  • Evaluation of air in clean rooms
  • Component parts
  • Filter performance evaluation
  Analysis LCD Defects
  • Identification and analysis of liquid crystal compositions
  • Analysis of defects in component materials
  Evaluation for Development
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Environment-related analysis
  • Evaluation of durability under corrosive environment
  • Safety test of chemical products
  • Evaluation test for recycling
  • Evaluation of manufacturing equipment
  • Evaluation of equipment materials
  • Evaluation of corrosion of equipment
Evaluation of Reliability for Electronic Components and Materials

Analysis of Metallic Impurities in Various Thin Films

Clean Room Evaluation

Surface Analysis and Structural Analysis (Fields and Features of Analysis)
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