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Material Evaluation Services

Utilizing our fundamental technologies cultivated in the integrated chemical field, we can meet demand for evaluation and analysis of raw materials and products and research and development support in all fields.

  Composition Analysis and Structural Analysis of Chemical Materials
  • Composition analysis and structural analysis
  • Analysis of foreign particles
  • Analysis of elements of impurities and contamination
  • Microstructural analysis and morphological observation
  • Heat-generated gas analysis and combustion formative gas analysis
  • Analysis of fuel substances
  • Analysis of mineral industrial raw materials and products
  • Fertilizer and fodder analysis
  • Insulating oil analysis
  • Analysis of lubricant (additives)
  Catalyst and Powder General Property Test
  • Macro particle structures
  • Micro particle structures
  • Surface structures, surface properties and powder properties
  Polymer Material Evaluation Test, Composition Analysis and Structural Analysis
  • Polymer material test
  • Film test
  • Durability, chemical resistance, flame resistance and moisture absorption test
  • Molding
  • Rubber test
  Services for Support in Nanotechnology Development
  • Raman microspectroscopy
  • Safety and hazard evaluation
  Evaluation and Test of Metal and Ceramics Properties
  • Component analysis
  • Metallographic test, mechanical test and corrosion test
  • Non-destructive test (X-ray inspection)
  • Boiler tube inspection
  • Analysis of ceramics materials
  • Consulting on equipment and materials
  Synthesis, Isolation and Purification of Compounds
  • Synthesis of compounds and manufacture of reference substances
  • Separation analysis (examination of analytical methods)
  • Isolation, purification and structural analysis
  Analysis Related to Fuel Battery
  • Analysis of catalyst in equipment with modified fuel
  • Analysis of fuel gas that has passed modified equipment
  • Analysis of fuel battery main body
  Odor Analysis
Analysis of Compositions and Structures of Chemical Materials

Polymer Material Evaluation Test, Composition Analysis and Structural Analysis
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