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Precautions for Using the Website

  Using the SCAS Website

1. Copyrights and all other rights pertaining to sentences, figures, designs, trademarks, logos, and other items featured in the Sumika Chemical Analysis Service (SCAS) website are owned by us, or by the original author(s), or by other rights holders. Printing or saving them for the purpose of personal use, making copies, or transmitting, distributing, revising, deleting, or conducting any other acts without explicit permission from us or the original author(s) or other rights holders constitutes a violation of Copyright Law except where such acts are approved under said Law. Be sure to contact us in advance to obtain our permission. Please note, however, that your request to use these items may be refused depending on the content or circumstances.
2. We believe that the contents of our website, including data and information, are accurate as of the date of their publication. However, we do not guarantee their accuracy or integrity in any way. Similarly, we provide no assurance with respect to any of the linkages made to our website. We do not promise to update or revise the data and information featured on our website. We will not be held responsible in any way for any damages that have occurred, or for any risk of such damages occurring, as a result of using the data, information, etc., featured in our website.
3. When using the data featured in our website, be sure not to revise or delete the copyright indications.
4. Our website contains links to other websites. We will not be held responsible for the contents of other websites such as these.
5. Please note that items featured in our website such as information and data, or the makeup thereof, are subject to change without notice.

   Handling of personal information in the SCAS Website

1. We may gather personal information from users like yourself, with your consent, through emails distributed as well as questionnaire surveys.
2. All the information thus gathered will be used for investigations and surveys aimed at further improving our products and services. The registered information will not be published or supplied to any third party except where any of the following applies.

(1) The user has approved of it in advance
(2) The law requires that such information be disclosed
(3) Such information is to be disclosed to entities consigned with business operations that would be required for providing services to the users
3. We will strive to appropriately manage and store personal information gathered from customers to prevent it from being leaked to any third party.
4. If you wish to make corrections, deletions, and/or confirmation of personal information that you have registered with us, submit a request to the Management Department, and we will deal with it accordingly.

  Links to the SCAS Website

1. Contact the Website Management Department if you wish to feature a link to our website. Please note that, even if you receive no reply from the Website Management Department, this does not mean that we have agreed to said requested link.
2. Contact our Website Management Department if major revisions are to be made to the content of the linked website.
3. Feature the information on the linked site at the top of the Contents list. Please do not make links to PDF files.
4. We refuse to accept the links shown below, or links that carry such risks

(1) Links from sites that slander SCAS, our affiliates, our board directors or employees
(2) Links from sites that undermine, or carry the possibility of undermining, our company’s credibility or dignity, such as those that oppose public order and morals
(3) Frame links and other forms of links that impair the clarity of our website
(4) Links that create, or carry the possibility of creating, the incorrect impression that the site has a business alliance or some form of cooperative relationship with our company, or the incorrect impression that we acknowledge or support the linked website.
(5) There may be cases where we demand deletion of the abovementioned links or any other links that we judge to be inappropriate, even if we have previously consented to them.
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